On Thursday, third-year Buccaneers tight end Austin Seferian-Jenkins got thrown out of a practice by his new head coach Dirk Koetter:

Koetter later explained that he decided to kick Seferian-Jenkins out of practice because he didn’t feel like he knew what he was doing out on the field:

And Seferian-Jenkins didn’t have the best reaction to it. Initially, he said that he was just going to “move on” from the incident:

But before he did, Seferian-Jenkins got into it with a bunch of Bucs fans on Twitter. He responded to this fan who called him a “bitch”:

He also responded to this one who called Seferian-Jenkins out for not taking football seriously enough:

And he had this to say about a fan who questioned his focus:

After all of that, he tried to downplay what happened on Thursday by making this point:

But it fell on deaf ears, and it started to get a little bit more serious after that. Seferian-Jenkins responded to one unhappy fan with this:

And when that fan—who appears to be a Tampa area firefighter—responded back to him, Seferian-Jenkins went off on him:

Seferian-Jenkins went off on this fan, too:

And then, he went back to going at it with the firefighter:

He got into it with this fan, too—with the Buccaneers’ official Twitter handle tagged in the tweet:

And unfortunately, he didn’t stop there. He also got into it with this fan:

And this one:

And…oh man. He finally stopped after that, and it appears as though he’s back at work Friday morning:

But talk about making a bad situation worse. Much, much worse. Seferian-Jenkins actually revealed that he is going to be on the lookout for trolls on social media this season during an interview in early June, so we guess it’s not too surprising to see what he had to say to fans on Twitter on Thursday in light of that. But we don’t imagine it’s going to get him back into the good graces of the new Bucs’ coaching staff anytime soon.

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