Aussie big man Andrew Bogut suffered a crippling knee injury early in the third quarter of today's NBA Finals action. 

The Warriors were already missing Draymond Green due to a one-game suspension, which made Bogut that much more valuable to his team during the pivotal game. In the third quarter though, Bogut appeared to hyper-extend his knee during a tussle for a rebound. He fell to the hardwood clutching his knee and screaming, before hobbling to the locker room, biting down on his jersey.

With a chance to clinch the NBA championship, the Warriors ultimately faltered without the two key players, going down to the Cavaliers 112-97.

Preliminary reports indicate Bogut has sprained his knee, but the footage suggests this is something far more painful than a strain. Let's hope he gets back on the floor for game 6, or at least in time for the Olympics.