Doing the talk show rounds for The Nice Guys, his upcoming film with Ryan Gosling, Russell Crowe appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live to fulfill a contractual requirement talk up the film. 

Crowe got the Nice Guys stuff out of the way as quickly as possible, answering a few questions about Ryan Gosling, before quickly changing the subject and regaling Jimmy Kimmel with stories about his ownership of the South Sydney Rabbitohs

The clip above, which runs for 5 minutes 48 seconds, is actually a bit over 4 minutes, or approximately 70%, just Russell Crowe talking about a sporting code nobody in the audience has any exposure to or interest in.

Jimmy Kimmel Live averages around 2.24 million viewers in the US. Of those 2.24 million people, maybe around 10 give more than 2 fucks about the Rabbitohs. But true to his 52 year-old man steez, Crowe DGAF and just sits there telling stories about rugby league and the origin of the Rabbitohs name – a story he begins in 1788.

We kind of get the idea there's a publicist backstage somewhere frantically running around trying to get dude to talk about the movie he's there to promote, but big Russ does wtf he wants. And he generally just wants to talk league.