Rockets point guard Patrick Beverley got himself involved in a Twitter beef on Wednesday with Jemele Hill and Michael Smith, hosts of the ESPN show His & Hers. It all started after Beverley tuned in to the show—seemingly as Hill and Smith chatted about the Rockets' future—and he had this to say about it on Twitter:

Hill fired back a short time later and took aim at Beverley's team for being eliminated from the NBA Playoffs by the Warriors in the first round:

But lest you forget, Beverley is not one to back down. He won the 2015 All-Star Skills Challenge when no one thought he had a shot (or even any business being in the competition), he got into a scuffle with Steph Curry when nobody would have recommended challenging the NBA's golden boy, and he went right back at the accomplished media personality with this:

Smith then chimed in with this: which Beverley responded:

Smith replied with a flurry of tweets:

After that was over, Hill gave Beverley a formal invitation to join the show:

And he seemed to accept it:

His & Hers is one of ESPN's better daytime talk shows, and it would be fun to watch Beverley on it. Especially after all this. Stay tuned to see if it actually happens.

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