Pro athletes do whatever it takes to enhance their skills and physical fitness during their off-seasons with the most intense training regimens imaginable. We have profiled this in the past with NFL and NBA players doing unorthodox ways to sustain their elite level of play.

But who knew that water polo is the way that reigning NFL MVP Cam Newton works on his cannon of an arm during the NFL's off-season? This is a first that we've ever seen water polo on the list of craziest workout regimens for pro athletes, or at least in recent memory.

People on Twitter reacted with praise, and fear, once they saw the photo of the Carolina Panthers superstar looking like one of The Avengers in a pool, with some chic headgear to match.

You better hope that if you ever play a game of water polo, and if Cam is choosing his team, you definitely don't want to be one of his opponents.

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[via BlackSportsOnline]