In case you didn't get the drift from what he told Patriots head coach Bill Belichick  in the AFC Championship last January about this season being his "last rodeo," Peyton Manning is a true-to-life country bumpkin. After the 5-time NFL MVP and winning Super Bowl 50, he just wanted a Budweiser, and a lot of it. No Disney World, no making it rain in strip clubs (well, he's married, so I can why he steers clear of that), and no publicized tales of extravagance to celebrate his second world championship win for ending his storybook career on top.

But we should respect the fact that he traveled to Nashville on Monday, returning to his roots in the Land of Davy Crockett where he graduated from University of Tennessee in 1998. Manning loves his alma mater so much that he decided to jump onstage at state capital's Winners Bar and Grill for their "Whiskey Jam" night to sing "Rocky Top," the school's unofficial fight song, and Johnny Cash's "Folsom Prison Blues" with much grace and in low register.

A toast to one of the greatest who's ever done it on the gridiron (and onstage crooning at a townie bar in the Wild Frontier). YEE-HAW!

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