No, Peyton Manning didn't have a Super Bowl 50 to remember from an offensive standpoint. He threw for just 141 yards and an interception, and the only time a ball from his arm found the endzone was on a two-point conversion. But none of that really matters. The Broncos won, and if Manning does indeed retire, he can leave the game with a second Super Bowl ring, tying his younger brother Eli.

An obviously euphoric Manning was asked in his postgame interview by Jim Nantz what his immediate plans were, and his response was just the best. 

#AnotherBeer #PeytonManning. #SB50

— Kenny Kidd (@MrKennyKidd) February 8, 2016

"I'm gonna drink a lot of beer tonight, Jim. Budweiser. Von Miller's buying. Those are my priorities at this point."

Have a few Buds, Peyton. Heck, have 20. Then Uber back to the team hotel still wearing your jersey, because you've earned it. 

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