Twitter user @soIoucity went from some guy who'd never watched hockey before to some guy who has watched hockey before after accidentally turning on Game 7 of the Blackhawks-Blues series. His live tweets that showed his real-time transformation went viral, and the Blues ended up capitalizing on it by giving him free tickets to an upcoming playoff game.

That was less than a week ago. But, sometimes, life comes at you at warp speed. Here's a graph I snagged from his account to illustrate if for thee:

Not only that but @soIoucity (real name Tony....something) is also yucking it up on social media with NHL players. Here he is talking with Panthers goalie Roberto Luongo:

And here he is talking to Blues assistant captain Vladimir Tarasenko:

And the Red Wings:

He also got a message today on Good Morning America from Hall of Famer Brett Hull, while doing a brief interview with different sport Hall of Famer Michael Strahan:

At this rate in two years like a week he'll be the commissioner. 

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