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Did we just witness the final 30-point game of Kobe Bryant’s career? Considering Kobe is only averaging about 17 points per game this season, there’s a very good chance that his 35-point outing against the Rockets this afternoon during his last game in Houston will go down as his final 30-point performance ever.

But amazingly, that wasn’t the best part about today’s Lakers/Rockets game, which Houston won 130-110 despite Kobe's heroics. The coolest highlight actually came after the game when Hakeem Olajuwon tracked Kobe down on the court. Kobe looked genuinely excited to see Olajuwon and offered him a huge hug when he saw him:

A short time later, Olajuwon was asked to talk about Kobe's last game in Houston, and he had this to say:

And strangely enough, Olajuwon was seated courtside near Steve Francis during the game, so he also spoke about Kobe’s impact on the NBA:

All in all, it was another memorable game for Kobe. And even though the Lakers took an L, it was a day he’ll probably remember for a long, long time.

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