Manziel reportedly continued his night long after a fellow bar patron snapped a shot of him to post to social media, as he ordered up 300 shots of Fireball and "some Miller Lites" at an entirely different bar in Columbus, Ohio:

A lot has changed in two years.

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Draft day, Johnny Manziel.

During the draft two years ago, Johnny Manziel was still "Johnny Football." After sending an audacious text message to the Cleveland Browns' quarterbacks coach vowing to "wreck this league," the Browns picked Manziel in the first round.

His downfall since has been well documented. There were the alcohol issues, the attitude problems, the allegations of abuse, the missed meetings, the inconsistent play on the field, and more. The list goes on. He is currently out of the league. 

Manziel spent draft night 2016 at a Justin Bieber concert in Columbus, Ohio. He started the night at a local bar.




Manziel was also spotted at a Bieber concert in Cleveland earlier this week. It seems he's still hanging around Ohio.

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