You really can't go a week without an example, or hot take, of how Johnny Manziel is screwing up his life with his incessant need to drink and party. It'd be nice to see somebody present an alternative viewpoint so, whatever, I'll go ahead.

Partying in L.A. and leaving the club with 10s is probably a lot more fun than playing for the Browns. His family has a lot of money due to the Texas oil industry. And therefore his financial future isn't dependent upon his success in the NFL. He's definitely spiraling, and has a whole buttload of serious issues, but the fact that he's always out doesn't seem as insane to me as it does to nearly everyone else (though he could rein it in). He's not nearly the first person to waste his talent

That being said he still has his eyes on playing in the NFL. Something that seems highly unlikely to happen given his reputation. He reiterated his interest last night when a TMZ cameraman caught him, again, walking into a SoCal club. Manziel mentioned that he's living with Von Miller, who said he'd sign Manziel if he ran the Broncos, and also said that he wanted to play for Denver (who are said to be "interested" getting desperate as hell): 

"The Broncos — John Elway, great dude. (Gary Kubiak), Aggie. Great organization. Anywhere I get picked up, bro, is a blessing. Whatever happens. I love ball. I want to play. That's the team I want to go to."

We'll see in the coming weeks if that incredibly impressive pitch sways the Super Bowl champs to tender an offer.

Also, two days ago, he said he's "not drinking." Watch the video and feel free to come to your own conclusions about that.

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