At this point, Ryan Leaf’s story is well known. He flamed out of the NFL in spectacular fashion after he was selected second overall in the 1998 NFL Draft, one pick behind Peyton Manning. He spent his post-NFL life battling drug addiction and going in and out of jail. And he’s widely regarded as one of the biggest busts in NFL history.

He actually looks like he’s doing a lot better right now, though. He showed up in San Francisco this week and has made several media appearances, most recently on The Dan Patrick Show this morning. And of course, he was asked to comment on the recent Johnny Manziel drama while he was on the show. Leaf told Patrick that, while he never struggled with addiction during his career, he relates to what Manziel is going through. He even went as far as to say that it “feels like I’m holding up a mirror” when he looks at Manziel.

You can check out part of Leaf’s appearance on The Dan Patrick Show above. Interestingly enough, Manziel's former right hand man Nate Fitch sent this tweet out a short time after Leaf was on the show:

So maybe Leaf speaking about Manziel will ultimately lead to him helping Manziel in some way? Stay tuned.

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