Last Thursday afternoon, the Dallas Police Department announced that they had completed their investigation into a domestic violence-related incident that allegedly took place late last month between Johnny Manziel and his ex-girlfriend Colleen Crowley. They revealed that their findings were being sent to a grand jury, which indicated Manziel could face charges for what he allegedly did during the altercation with Crowley sometime in the near future.

Manziel doesn’t seem all that worried about it. Just hours after the grand jury announcement was made, Manziel spent some time at Story Nightclub in Miami. And of course, someone took a video of him as he sipped champagne in the club and vibed along to the music that night. We wouldn’t say that Manziel looked completely carefree—he appeared to be trying to blend into the crowd—but this video proves he’s not going to stop partying despite all the problems he’s facing in his personal life. Just in case that wasn’t clear already.

Check out the short clip above to see Manziel partying. Shouldn’t this guy stay out of the club for awhile?

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[via TMZ Sports]