Over the weekend, Klay Thompson talked about why going to the club isn’t always fun for famous NBA players. Judging by this video, it doesn't look like all that much fun for famous NFL players, either.

On Saturday night, Broncos defensive end Derek Wolfe—who, we should point out, is 6-foot-5 and about 280 pounds—was at a nightclub called VIE in Denver with some friends. At some point, a group of guys in the club started talking trash to Wolfe and his crew, and of course, it didn’t go over well. In the clip above, which was obtained by TMZ Sports, you can see Wolfe arguing with one of the men from the group. And at the end of it, Wolfe throws a punch at the guy. It’s unclear if Wolfe connected with the punch, but TMZ Sports also released another video that appears to show Wolfe getting hit in the head with a bottle:

Wolfe is the guy who reportedly told Tom Brady that he was going to “eat his kids” during a playoff game last season. Doesn’t he seem like the wrong guy to mess with in the club?

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