In theory, you would think that winning an NBA title and playing for one of the best teams in NBA history would help enhance your experience every time you set foot inside of a nightclub. At least, that’s the impression that we got when we saw Klay Thompson partying in Las Vegas last summer after the Warriors beat the Cavaliers to claim the NBA championship. But during his appearance on the Warriors Plus/Minus podcast this weekend, Thompson revealed that that’s not necessarily the case.

On the podcast, Thompson was asked how the club life has been for him this season. And surprisingly, he admitted that it’s not as much fun as it used to be. Sure, he hasn't had to pay for a drink in months, but that apparently comes at a high cost.

Club life is alright,” he said. “Being kind of famous is like being an attractive female. Every time you go out to dinner or to a nightlife function, every guy kind of wants to talk to you about hoops and, like, they want to buy you a drink and chop it up about, ‘Oh, who you playing next?’ You know, ‘You should pump fake on this shot. You should do a step back.’ I’m like, ‘Man, I appreciate that, but I just want to listen to some good music.’ You get a lot of male love being in this position.”

Thompson also said that going out is a lot different now than it was back before the Warriors started to have some success.

“It was better when I was a rookie,” he said. “People were like, ‘Oh, you’re tall. What do you do?’ Now it’s like, ‘Oh, I know what you do. What are you doing out? You play the Blazers in two days!’”

You can check out the rest of the podcast below. Outside of talking about his social life, Thompson also told a pretty funny story about Steph Curry and Kenneth Faried and revealed which Warriors player talks the most trash in the team’s group chat (you'll never guess who it is!). Listen for yourself:

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