Ever since he was traded away from the Clippers to the Memphis Grizzlies last month, Lance Stephenson has been making some of the most clumsy plays that we've seen this NBA season. It seems like the all the weird shenanigans from years past have came back to haunt him in the worst way.

On Saturday night versus the Hawks, Stephenson looked like he dribbled a basketball for the first time, and ended up looking like the hilarious Dragonfly Jones character from those old Martin episodes falling on the floor after getting beat down by his own student. But Stephenson wasn't beat down by anyone, unless you consider the air his adversary.

The Hawks won 95-83, and Lance still is picking himself up off the ground, ballin' like it's "March Sadness." I really feel for this kid, and I shouldn't laugh anymore than I already have the past few weeks seeing these types of plays from him.

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[via Bleacher Report]