Here's What LeBron James Thought About Lance Stephenson Blowing in His Ear Last Night

LeBron James didn't seem to appreciate Lance Stephenson blowing in his ear during the Pacers/Heat game last night.

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During Game 5 of the Eastern Conference FinalsLance Stephenson did just about everything that he could possibly do to try and get under LeBron James' skin. He talked some trash. He tried to sneak into the Heat's huddle. And at one point, he even blew into LeBron's ear in an effort to throw him off his game.

To some degree, his distractions worked. LeBron only scored seven points during the contest and spent most of the game on the bench in foul trouble. And afterwards, it was clear that LeBron didn't appreciate some of the things Stephenson did on the court. Specifically, Stephenson blowing into his ear didn't go over too well.

"I'm just here to play basketball, man," he told reporters after the game. "All the extracurricular activities, I don't really get into."

LeBron also gave a great response when he was asked if he had ever blown into anyone's ear as a "defensive tactic."

"Probably my wife," he said. "I blew in my wife's ear before. That was definitely a defensive tactic."

HA. Stephenson blowing into LeBron's ear was a little weird. Er, okay, a lot weird. But it also inspired some of the best memes we've seen all week.

Seriously, how great is this?

And this:


Thank you, Lance. Just…thank you.

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