A legendary venue famous for its concerts turned into a house of worship Saturday.

Mongo Nation congregated at Irving Plaza to celebrate Mike Francesa, the WFAN sports talk radio host who—if you didn’t know—has had the “Numbah One” show in New York for 26 years, ok.

The occasion was FrancesaCon, where Mongos—as Francesa fans are known on Twitter—and a few Mongettes nerded out over their love of the 61-year-old Long Island native for his distinctive New Yawk accent, combative relationship with callers, and litany of catch phrases—all gleefully imitated by those in attendance.

Some came dressed as Francesa himself. Some sported t-shirts from previous FrancesCons (this was the third such event set up by organizers Ron Harak and Mike LeBoff). Some traveled from as far as Atlanta, Houston, and even Los Angeles to be there. Everyone laughed, reminisced, and reveled in all things Francesa; Diet Coke, the hand wave, sweater vests, Al Alburquerque, and stethoscope headphones. As an added bonus, his former partner, Christopher “Mad Dog” Russo who with Francesa formed the groundbreaking “Mike and the Mad Dog” radio show with back in 1989, was expected to attend.

Francesa often catches flak in large part due to his healthy ego, treatment of callers, and know-it-all demeanor. But on Saturday, Francesa received the kind of ovation usually reserved for rappers and rock stars.

These are the indelible moments and faces from FrancesCon 3. Let the record show that we were “in da building.”