Boxing is a fickle sport. In its peak form, it stands as a beautiful mix of skill and savagery, where modern-day gladiators put their lives on the line for money and glory. At it’s worst, boxing is often defined by the negative aspects that have led to the sport’s decline in prominence over the years, of which there are many. Poor judging, multiple sanctioning organizations with multiple “titles,” rival promoters, and paper champions all contribute not only to boxing’s disarray but the lack of public interest as well.

While last year was, in many ways, a major comeback year for boxing, the sport still has ways to go to reach the level of mass appeal it once enjoyed. Fortunately, with the “retirement” of Floyd Mayweather and formal rivals Top Rank and Golden Boy Promotions now working together, there are tons of exciting and feasible fights that can be made across the sport. 

So, without any further praise or preamble, here are the top five boxing matches we’d like to see in 2016.