Last July, we got official word on just how bad Jason Pierre-Paul's injury was when Adam Schefter tweeted his medical records. The ESPN reporter caught heat (he did tweet private information) and got called a "piece of shit" by the ever-intimidating James Harrison.

But Schefter is still ESPN's go-to football guy and Pierre-Paul's career isn't over. However, that tweet cost two hospital employees their jobs. The Jackson Memorial Hospital, which treated Pierre-Paul's burnt hand, fired the employees for accessing those records and leaking it to ESPN. Jackson Health Services released a statement about the terminations:

During the investigation of a breach that occurred in July 2015, Jackson Health System became a party to related litigation. It is our policy that we do not comment during pending litigation. That litigation has now been settled. As part of our investigation into the breach, it was discovered that two employees inappropriately accessed the patient's health record. That finding resulted in the termination of both employees. Protecting the privacy of our patients is a top priority at Jackson Health System. Any time we have allegations of a breach, we immediately and thoroughly investigate.

The controversial tweet, which reported on Pierre-Paul's right index finger amputation, is below.

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