The fact that Rob Gronkowski took his clothes off for money once in college is the least surprising news we’ve ever heard. Of course he took full advantage of the opportunity to strip for cash. He’s Gronk!

It’s still entertaining to hear him talk about it, though. Last night, the Patriots tight end made an appearance on Conan and talked to Conan O’Brien about how he end up stripping at a bachelorette party during his time at the University of Arizona after he agreed to serve as a security guard for a friend. Gronk claims he took the job very seriously—he wore a suit and tie and everything!—but once the shots started flowing, he just couldn’t contain himself.

“Every lady there was giving me shots,” he said. “They were making me drink their beers. So I was participating. I was getting wasted on the side. My friend, he didn’t drink in college so he was always the driver, too, so it worked out perfect. And then, there were like 35 women around in a circle. Next thing you know, I’m feeling good and they were cheering for me. And I’m like, ‘I’m good.’ Next thing you know, they kept cheering so I kept feeling it more. Next thing you know, I’m taking off my tie. Unbuttoning my shirt. Taking my pants off. I’m in my boxers only. And I kept giving out lap dances to these ladies.”

Classic Gronk. The only bad news for him? His friend only gave him about $25 for his services and pocketed the rest of the money Gronk made that night. But it doesn’t sound like he was too bent out of shape about it. Check out the clip above to hear Gronk tell the story as only Gronk can.

You can also check out this clip of Gronk shopping for a gift for Conan:

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