Ex-Panther Jamal Idris has been involved in a terrifying kidnap attempt during a holiday in Vietnam. 

Idris was in Vietnam on a Contiki tour, and had updated his Instagram account as recently as Saturday, taking a selfie in the busy streets of Ho Chi Minh City. 

Seven News reporter Liam Cox broke the story tonight, revealing the giant Idris was able to overpower his would-be captors.

“People very close to Jamal Idris have told Seven News that he was the victim of an attempted kidnap,” said Cox.
“These people, they were violent, they tried to extort a large sum of money.
“Things then became physical. Jamal fought back and managed to escape this group of individuals.”

After escaping the kidnappers, Idris reportedly contacted his family immediately. Sporting News reported Idris' mother quickly put a message on the Contiki Facebook page; “It’s a matter of life and death ... can’t stress the importance of this message.”

Reports have not confirmed Idris' current whereabouts, but the Contiki Facebook page has apparently posted that Idris is safe.

Why the kidnappers singled out a 6'5", 120kg ex-rugby league player as a potential victim remains a mystery.