Last week, Jahlil Okafor agreed to pay a $439 fine for driving over 100 MPH on the Ben Franklin Bridge in Philadelphia back in October. He pleaded guilty to operating in an unsafe manner. And now, TMZ Sports has obtained a dashcam video that shows police trying to catch up with the 76ers rookie on the night that he got caught going 108 MPH.

Fortunately, it doesn’t look like there were many cars on the road that night when Okafor decided to drive more than twice the legal limit (you can see several 45 MPH signs posted alongside the road in the clip above). It also doesn’t look like Okafor was swerving around on the road or anything like that. But it’s pretty amazing how fast he was driving. It took police quite awhile to catch up to him, and while he tried to brake once he realized they were behind him, it was too late at that point.

Check out the dashcam video to see Okafor in action.

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[via TMZ Sports]