Shortly after losing in Super Bowl 50 against the Broncos, Panthers quarterback Cam Newton held a short press conference with reporters. He didn’t have much to say—and he left abruptly at the end of it—but, to his credit, he did fulfill his media obligations, even after suffering a crushing loss.

Despite this, there were plenty of people who weren’t happy about the way he handled himself after the game. Many NFL fans ripped Newton for not sitting and answering more questions from reporters. But one of Cam’s biggest critics was former NFL player Bill Romanowski. He took to Twitter to rip Newton for not taking a better approach to the press conference. And while he’s obviously entitled to his opinion, Romanowski took it to another level when he punctuated his tweet by referring to Newton as “boy”:


Romanowski has since deleted the tweet and backpedaled from it. He posted this after deleting his tweet:

But that hasn’t stopped people from taking aim at Romanowski in light of what he said. Here are some of the reactions he has received:

It's probably safe to say that Romanowski should...

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