Back in October, Seattle Seahawks fullback Derrick Coleman was arrested and charged with vehicular assault and hit and run after allegedly hitting a car with his pickup truck and walking away from the scene. In a report released by Bellevue, Wash. police on Monday, Coleman admitted to smoking the drug "Spice" half an hour before getting behind the wheel. 

When authorities conducted sobriety tests, the Seahawks fullback "showed signs consistent with being impaired" and "was unsteady on his feet," while witnesses described Coleman as being "delirious and aggravated" and "incoherent."

During a search of the vehicle, a glass spoon pipe with residue and a lighter were found, as well as an open bag of synthetic marijuana called—and we're not making this up—"F'd up" and three unopened bags of another synthetic marijuana called "Mad Pitbulls." A blood test was conducted "several hours" after the incident, however, synthetic marijuana wasn't found in his system.

Getting behind the wheel while impaired should never happen, especially after you "may have" just taken a drug labeled "F'd up." 

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[via Black Sports Online]