Tenneseee played Butler today, and this flop in the paint by the Volunteers forward Armani Moore will make any basketball purist really mad. Kids are taught to watch college basketball to learn the fundamentals of the game, sans the flash and flare of NBA-worthy highlights that seem incapable for most basketball players to do. Kids should not be learning how to fake-it-til-they-make-it to this high caliber of basketball.

During the second half of the game, Butler's Kellen Dunham was boxing out Moore in the paint. When the ball bounced off the rim, Moore acted like he got hit by a runaway freight train. But in reality, he got a minor nudge that he played the nudge off into a offensive foul to be called on Dunham.

That's not hard work on Moore's part. Rather, it's just poor positioning, and acting job that deserves an NCAA award nomination for "Best Flop That Should Make You Lose Your Spot To Someone Who Can Actually Box Out at the Division One Level."

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[via CBSSports]