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Remember when Ronda Rousey agreed to accompany a U.S. Marine named Jarrod Haschert to the Marine Corps Ball this year? He invited her through a Facebook video that eventually went viral, and after she got wind of it, she said that she would be happy to go. And even after it was revealed that Rousey is dating fellow UFC fighter Travis Browne, she still said that she was going to keep her word.

But then, Rousey got knocked out by Holly Holm at UFC 193, her whole world collapsed, and it seems as though she has forgotten all about the ball, which is scheduled to take place tomorrow.

Last week, Haschert took to Facebook to reveal that he still hasn’t spoken to Rousey about the ball. However, he’s still planning on going, and it sounds as though he’s expecting her to show up:

But radio station New Jersey 101.5 spoke with Haschert’s mother this week, and she’s not so sure about what Rousey's plans are. According to her, her son still hasn’t spoken with Rousey yet, and while she's hoping Rousey shows up, she doesn't sound all that confident in it happening.

“Jarrod said he hasn’t heard anything yet,” she said. “He said, ‘All I know is I’m going in the hopes she’ll be there.’ It would be sad if he got all dressed up, expected a date, and doesn’t have one. She said she would be there. A few times.”

This is tough. On the one hand, Rousey did make this Marine a promise. On the other, her recent ESPN The Magazine interview—the first interview she’s done since losing to Holm—made it seem as though she’s still struggling to do anything, let alone get dressed up and attend a ball. Let’s see if she surprises Haschert and shows up tomorrow.

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