In a recent interview with Fight Hype, Floyd Mayweather took aim at The Ring Magazine for putting Andre Ward (28-0-0) at No. 4 in their pound-for-pound rankings. "I can't believe they [Ring Magazine] got Andre Ward ranked number 4 in the pound-for-pound list," he said. "Even though the guy that's ranked number 1 pound-for-pound right now, you know, you can't argue about that, but without Andre Ward losing a fight, he has to be number 2."

The guy ranked No. 1 overall is Roman "Chocolatito" Gonzalez, who is also undefeated in 44 bouts with 38 of them coming by way of knockout. The other two fighters ahead of Ward are Sergey Kovalev (28-0-1, 25 KOs) and Gennady Golovkin (34-0-0, 31 KOs). While there could be a case made for Ward being better than Kovalev, it is very debatable if he's really better than Golovkin.

"I mean, he wins his fights not in good fashion, but in great fashion, and they have him at number 4? They got some guy ranked number 9, I don't really know his full name, so I don't want to be disrespectful, but they got a Japanese guy ranked number 9. They got Andre Ward number 4, and this guy that's ranked number 9, we don't even know who he is. I truly believe that racism still exists in the sport of boxing."

Wait, what? So, a fighter from Nicaragua holds the top spot with guys from Russia and Kazakhstan, respectively, coming in second and third, and Mayweather is talking about there being racism in boxing? Does this really add up? Mayweather brings up how his trash talk made perceived as being "cocky and arrogant," but people praise someone like Conor McGregor for going down the same road. However, when it comes to McGregor, it feels as though he's a strictly "hate him or love him" type of competitor. And Money Mayweather is viewed the same way. 

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