Fans are really making the most of Kobe Bryant’s farewell tour.

During his first two road games since announcing that this season will be his last—in Philadelphia and Washington, D.C. respectively—fans have chanted Kobe’s name, given him rounds of applause, and shown their overall appreciation for him. Last night, Kobe admitted that he has actually been a little surprised by the reaction he has received:

But one fan took things a little bit too far on Wednesday night.

After the Lakers beat the Wizards—no, you’re not reading that wrong, the Lakers did beat the Wizards—one fan ran out on to the court at the Verizon Center to try and touch Kobe. And somehow, he managed to make his way right up next to Kobe while he was having a conversation with Marcin Gortat. The fan wasn't able to stand there very long as security guards grabbed him and hauled him away within a matter of just seconds. But he proved that security guards around the NBA are going to need to bring their A-game when the Lakers are in town this season.

You can check out some footage of the fan popping up behind Kobe in the clip above. Here’s another angle, courtesy of Black Sports Online, that shows the fan running across the court before security guards catch up with him:

Watch your back, Kobe.

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[via CSN Wizards]