We all make mistakes. But this one from the referees was ridiculous.

Once again this week, after erroneously missing an obvious call or more at the end of the Miami-Duke game, the zebras missed another obvious call during the Michigan State-Nebraska football game in Lincoln that could have sealed the victory for the #7-ranked undefeated Spartans. But at the end of the game, with the score at 38-33, the lowly Cornhuskers were spared by the refs when Nebraska quarterback Tommy Armstrong Jr. threw a 30-yard pass to Brandon Reilly 30-yard go-ahead touchdown with 17 seconds left on the clock.

The rule is that you cannot go out of bounds and come back in to receive a pass. Unless the receiver has been forced out of bounds by the defender covering them. Reilly went out of bounds before coming back in to catch the ball. After the review of the play, the referees determined that he was “forced” out by the defender and was eligible to catch the ball. You can see the play from another angle here.


Uhh, who forced him out of bounds? The Ghosts of Spartans Past?? The defender clearly did not “force” Reilly out of bounds!

Welp, there goes Michigan State's chance at a CFB playoff run, and title at that, in January. Nebraska won the game 39-38, and how have a 4-6 record, while Michigan State is 8-1.

Twitter blew up about the call. Peep some of the reactions below.

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