Back in July 2014, Deadspin published one of the most important stories about Floyd Mayweather and his various connections to domestic violence. At that time, most people were well aware of the fact that those connections existed, but they had never really seen them all laid out in one place. It helped form a lot of peoples' opinions about Mayweather as a person.

Deadspin just published a similar piece about Greg Hardy, who was accused of beating his former girlfriend Nicole Holder last year. The domestic violence charges against him were eventually dismissed after Holder refused to cooperate with prosecutors, but it was pretty clear that something happened between the two. And thanks to the in-depth Deadspin report, it’s pretty much impossible to deny that something truly awful happened between Hardy and Holder.

Outside of laying out all the facts about the case—which are horrific in and of themselves—Deadspin also obtained images of the injuries that Holder suffered on the night in question, and they definitely show that she was the victim of abuse. She has bruises all over her body. This is just one sample:

If you didn’t dislike Hardy before today, chances are you won’t think too highly of him after reading the Deadspin report. There’s absolutely no justifying anything in it.

It’s going to be interesting to see how the Cowboys react, if at all, to the report. Hardy has been a productive player on the field for them this season, so they’ve overlooked some of his transgressions. But it'll be hard for them to make Hardy one of the faces of their franchise moving forward after reading this report and seeing the photos. Stay tuned.

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