Panthers defensive end Greg Hardy missed nearly the entire 2014-15 NFL season after being charged with domestic violence last May. An argument between Hardy and his girlfriend Nicole Holder reportedly got physical and ended with Hardy getting arrested after he allegedly threw Holder onto a futon that was covered with guns and attempted to choke her. However, prosecutors just revealed that all of the charges filed against Hardy have been dropped as of today because Holder has refused to cooperate with them and help build a case against Hardy.

After a judge found Hardy guilty of domestic violence last summer, Hardy appealed the ruling and requested a jury trial. He was granted his appeal and that trial was supposed to begin today at the Mecklenburg County Courthouse in Charlotte, N.C. But because the charges against him were dropped, Hardy was able to leave the courthouse this morning a short time after arriving. He did not provide any comment to the reporters gathered outside of the courthouse upon leaving. But we'd expect him to say something soon with regards to the trial.

There's a chance that, despite the charges against him getting dismissed, the NFL could still taking punitive action against him. The league has already come out and said that they're going to look into his case more before clearing him to play next season:

Stay tuned for additional details about Hardy's case.

[via ESPN]

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