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A 23-year-old former linebacker who walked onto the Maryland football team, transferred to Towson, went undrafted, and then crossed the Atlantic Ocean to play in Poland, won't allow his NFL dreams to die. His name is Monte Gaddis and, in a desperate bid to get a tryout, he's spent the past three days standing outside of the Cleveland Browns' complex. The picture up top was snapped on Monday.

Here's a picture of Gaddis on Tuesday:

And Wednesday:

On that, the third day, Cleveland's GM Ray Farmer approached Gaddis and told him there were better ways to get the team's attention without acting like a crazy person (paraphrasing). Gaddis explained his point of view:

"I told him I felt this was the best route I had since I didn't have an agent or anything. I told him, 'Hey, it got you to come across the street to talk to me. I think I did a good job.' So it was a good feeling."

After a brief conversation Farmer asked Gaddis for game tape, he obliged, and is now currently waiting for a potential callback. If that callback actually does come we wouldn't be entirely shocked because if there were a franchise willing to sign random people off the street, it'd be the Browns.

In the meantime feel free to check out Gaddis' college highlight reel below:

[via, Instagram]

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