Much has been made about Kobe Bryant's horrible start to the 2015-16 NBA season. Through six games, the Black Mamba is shooting a dismal 32 percent from the field and 20 percent from behind the arc while taking 16 shots per game—something the Internet has already made fun of him for.

This strategy hasn't been working as the Lakers are 1-5 and on their way to another lottery pick. It seems as if Kobe doesn't want to come to grips with the washed lifestyle he has found himself living these last couple seasons, but it's deeper than that.

In an interview with CBS Sports, Kobe was asked whether or not his shot selection and aggressiveness are hurting the team's future:

"They're one in the same," he said. "Because they learn by observing how I approach it. They don't want to see me approach it as an average player, or approach it as a player who's 20 years in. They want to and need to see that focus and that intensity and that energy and that drive. That's how they learn. They've told me that. They want to see that. That's how they want to learn."

His head coach Byron Scott agrees:

Someone put the crying Jordan face on D'Angelo Russell stat!

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