Already legitimately knee deep in fresh snow—over a foot smacked down on some high elevations in early November, with another blanket following a week later—Lake Tahoe is set up for an epic winter. Snowboarders have coveted Tahoe’s pristine slopes for decades, but there’s more to the Sierra Nevada region than it simply being the largest and most developed skiing region in California. You can hit up a resort or lodge anywhere and find something to get into after a day on your board, but having a concentrated area, where the adrenaline never stops flowing—boots strapped on or off—of Tahoe’s magnitude is a rarity and absolute treasure. 

So why is Lake Tahoe snowboard nirvana—an absolute magnet for snowboarding’s elite? Everything surrounding the deep cerulean body of water is a playground and paradise, with the second deepest lake in the U.S. itself being a boon to any snowboarding mission. It’s possible to go on your own snowboarding quest virtually year round in Tahoe, provided you’re willing to get creative. Beyond that, the region’s abundance of resorts, trails, terrain, nightlife, hiking, locally brewed craft beers, and even surfing, if you can bear the extreme winds and cold, mean the thrill never has to end.