In the NFL's opening week, Ndamukong Suh was already under scrutiny over a play where he kicked Redskins running back Alfred Morris's helmet off. Now, just three weeks later, Suh's foot has made contact with yet another ball carrier's dome, this time it was the one sitting atop the shoulders of Jets quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick.

You can honestly watch this video and come to different conclusions, both of which would make sense. Either it was intentional, or it wasn't. Suh looks to be trying to avoid contact but his leg seems to make an unnatural swing directly into Fitzpatrick's head. Suh's one of the most athletic dudes on the planet but he's still 307 lbs. which has to be tough to control. Suh stumbles and falls afterward but he's still Ndamukong Suh and has a history of dirty plays which doesn't exactly give him the benefit of the doubt in these situations. Watch his legs and it appears to be on purpose. Watch his head and it doesn't.

Anyways the call is yours: Dirty or not? 

[via @GreshsBadCliche]

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