Now that Floyd Mayweather has retired from the sport of boxing, we probably won’t hear much from him. He’ll likely take a step back, do what he can to stay out of the spotlight, and…oh, who are we kidding? We’re not 100 percent convinced Mayweather is actually going to stay retired, and even if he does, he’s not going anywhere. The guy isn’t built to be behind-the-scenes.

Just check out what Mayweather did this weekend. While the rest of us were trying to come to terms with the fact that summer is over here in the U.S., Mayweather was “enjoying the retired life” in Bora Bora. And of course, he wasn’t there alone. He brought our latest cover star Justin Bieber—who told us that Mayweather's haters need to "stop being stupid"—along with him:

Why were they there together? Well...

And the two did more than just sit around and sip tea. They also jumped into the water together in Mayweather’s “Royal Underwater Villa”:

They sang some karaoke:

And of course, Mayweather talked some trash about how much money he has because, well, he wouldn’t be Floyd Mayweather if he didn’t:

What a weekend life.

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