Last month, Floyd Mayweather promised that his 49th—and final—fight against Andre Berto would be entertaining. "I just want to go out with a bang," he told reporters after announcing the fight. He didn't exactly keep his promise.

For the seventh time in his last seven fights, Mayweather went the distance with Berto and recorded a victory via decision. Unlike some of Mayweather's past opponents, Berto did try to challenge Mayweather in the ring, but he struggled to land many punches and the fight was, more or less, exactly what we were expecting.

This "WHAT ARE THOOOOOOOSE?!" moment may have been the most exciting part of the whole fight:

The victory moves Mayweather to 49-0 on his career. He confirmed that he will be retiring during a post-fight interview with Jim Gray:

Do you think he's really done? Or will Manny Pacquiao convince to come back for one more fight?

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