Charles Haley was one hell of an NFL player. It's why he was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame last month. But throughout the course of his career, the former 49ers and Cowboys star also did some REALLY weird things with his penis.

Like, seriously. He reportedly used to walk up to teammates and blatantly masturbate right in front of them. He also used to reportedly say things like, "You know you want to suck this," to guys like Joe Montana while holding his junk. And according to Troy Aikman, there was even one time when Haley walked up behind fellow NFL player Matt Millen and placed his penis on Millen's shoulder while he was playing cards.

It's a little unclear exactly how Aikman knows this, because he was never on the same team as Haley and Millen—Haley and Millen were both on the 49ers in 1991—but he confirmed that it happened on The Dan LeBatard Show on ESPN this morning:

Here's video of Aikman talking about it:

And LeBatard's reaction to this bit of information was, well, exactly what you would expect it to be:

We should say we're surprised by this. But uhhh…didn't we tell you about the other things Haley used to do to his teammates? Compared to them, what he did to Millen was actually pretty tame.

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