Earlier this month, John Jay High School players Victor Rojas, 15, and Michael Moreno, 17, made national headlines after they attacked a referee during a game in Marble Falls, Texas. Rojas and Moreno blindsided Robert Watts late in the fourth quarter of the game, and a video of them doing it was posted on YouTube for all to see.

Late last week, Rojas and Moreno made an appearance on Good Morning America and attempted to explain themselves by revealing that an assistant coach at John Jay had instructed them to attack Watts.

And now, an ESPN report seems to confirm their side of the story.

According to Outside The Lines, John Jay secondary coach Mack Breed wrote a letter to John Jay principal Robert Harris admitting that he "directed the students to make the referee pay for his racial comments and calls." Outside The Lines spoke with a sideline source as well as four John Jay players who said that Watts used racist language during the game, including the N-word.

Watts declined to speak with OTL but, through his attorney, he denied using any racist language during the game. A disciplinary hearing on the matter is scheduled to take place in San Antonio, Texas today. Check out the full OTL report here, and stay tuned for further developments.

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