It's not a secret that there are a lot of former NBA players who have made millions of dollars only to blow it all within a few years of retiring. The entire sports world is littered with tales of guys going broke. There are also more stories about guys gambling away their life savings than we can count.

Former Bulls player/current ESPN college basketball analyst Jay Williams provided us with yet another one during a recent appearance on The Brilliant Ones podcast with Charlamagne Tha God and Andrew Schulz. Williams was asked if he had any good gambling stories to tell, and he readily admitted that he used to routinely witness guys playing Rock, Paper, Scissors for $20,000 per game. And the reason he gave for why they did it was pretty insane.

"You get bored!" he said. "You get bored...And don't get yourself down in a dice game. Don't be in the corner letting some dude keep fading you and all of a sudden you're down 100 grand and you're like, 'Bet it back—Rock, Paper, Scissors.'"

Wow. Well, if you weren't sure how guys were blowing their millions of dollars before, now you know! You can fast forward to the five-minute mark of the clip above to hear Williams talking about the Rock, Paper, Scissors stuff, but this entire portion of the podcast is worth a listen.

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[via Black Sports Online]