Peyton Manning is getting old. He's probably realized that. But just in case he hasn't, Lions cornerback Darius Slay—who was 7 when Manning was drafted back in 1998—just reminded him about how old he is by telling reporters all about how Manning was one of his favorite quarterbacks when he was growing up. Welp.

On Sunday night, Slay will play against Manning for the first time when Detroit takes on the Broncos. And if the talented corner is able to pick off the guy who was one of his favorites as a kid, he plans on rubbing a little salt in the wound by asking Manning to autograph the football that he intercepts. Right there on the field after it happens!

"If I get a pick from him, he gotta sign that," Slay told reporters today. "He gotta sign that. I gotta have that. Signature, right then, on the spot. I'm going to have a pen in my pocket. I'm going to his sideline if I do it, like, hey, holler at me. I know it's just a turnover, but hey, this is a once-in-a-lifetime chance here."

We sooooooo want this to happen. Forget Terrell Owens pulling a Sharpie out of his sock, or Joe Horn searching for his cell phone in the goalpost. Whipping out a pen and asking Peyton Manning to sign a football that you just intercepted would be THE GREATEST SPORTS CELEBRATION OF ALL TIME (and we've seen some good ones). No doubt about it.

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