San Antonio Spurs forward Matt Bonner nicknames himself as "The Red Mamba." This is likely because of two reasons: First, he perfectly fits the prototype for the old term "redheaded stepchild." Second, the nickname "Black Mamba" was already taken.

But Bonner apparently compensates in deejaying— and creating ridiculous costumes— for what he lacks in originality when creating self-donned monikers. The two-time NBA champion dressed up like a caped crusader and deejayed a set at Concord, New Hampshire's annual Rock On Festival. 

Surely, he's no DJ Premier nor Kid Capri, but according to the Twitter reactions from this event, The Red Mamba made his hometown crowd proud as they danced to his selections ranging from artists like The Isley Brothers, Taylor Swift, David Bowie, to Outkast. You can check out some clips of Bonner holding it down on the, errr, computer, as well as some tweets about his deejaying skills from the people at the festival:



And just so you know, this isn't Matt's first foray into the music world. Bonner is a member of a band called Spuran Spuran with his Spurs teammates. Seriously. You can see one of their music videos here to prove it...

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