Every single time LeBron James steps out of his house, all eyes are on him. So we imagine that he has to be on high alert at all times when it comes to doing, well, anything. But fortunately for us, King James of the #FutureHive just can't help himself when Future songs come on. Specifically, LeBron has become a huuuuuuuge fan of "March Madness," and he has proved it over and over and over again this summer.

The first time we noticed it was back in June right before an NBA Finals game. Here's LeBron letting loose to "March Madness" in the Cavaliers' layup line:

Next, LeBron got up on stage with Future at an ESPY Awards after-party in July and, once again, he went wild when "March Madness" came on:

And now, SLAM just uncovered this video of LeBron at a pool party that he hosted a few weeks ago prior to the start of #OVOFest. Clearly, LeBron knows someone is filming him. But does he look like he cares?


A video posted by Joe G 🔴🔵 (@mc_yammer) on Aug 1, 2015 at 6:43am PDT


Opposing NBA teams should blast this song every single time 'Bron touches the ball during the upcoming season. It just doesn't seem like he can help himself when it comes on.

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[via SLAM]