The Santa Clara Police Department announced that San Francisco 49ers linebacker Aldon Smith was arrested Thursday night for DUI, hit and run, and vandalism. The police say a press release will be provided later this morning.

Smith has been arrested for DUI on two previous occasions, and missed nine games last season while serving a suspension for those arrests, as well as for a 2014 incident at Los Angeles International Airport where he made a false claim of having a bomb after a dispute with a TSA agent.

This was gong to be a contract year for Smith, who restructured his deal in the offseason to be a series of roster bonuses instead of the $9.75 million he was initially due. And, an interesting set of circumstances forced him to actually pay to play last year.

Depending on what ultimately comes of this most recent arrest, Smith may not only have cost himself a lot of money, but he have put the future of his NFL career in jeopardy at the same time.


The 49ers announced that they released Smith earlier this afternoon:

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