While the U.S. waits for real football to get started—you know, the kind that you can actually watch on TV—the International Federation of American Football is currently holding the IFAF World Championship in Canton, Ohio. It pits different football teams from around the globe against one another. And SURPRISE, the U.S. team is really, really, really good, despite the fact that the team is made up of guys who aren't on NFL or CFL rosters.

How good? Well, during a recent game against France, the U.S. team scored 12 times in a row, ran the clock out, and ended up winning the game by a score of 82-0. 82-0!!!!!!!!! And as SB Nation points out here, France's team is actually pretty good. In fact, they knocked off Australia 53-3 during the tournament, and Australia beat South Korea 47-6. So by our math, the U.S. team would beat South Korea 466-0 if they ever played.

We should really enjoy this while we can, because at some point, other nations will catch up to us, right? Maybe. In the meantime, can we petition to have the IFAF World Championship shown on ESPN? We're not exactly expecting NFL, college, or even CFL level football. But something tells us Americans will watch just about anything related to football if you show it on TV.

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