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Back in April, Tony Romo went out on a limb and predicted that the Cowboys are going to win the Super Bowl next season. Even though they lost their leading running back DeMarco Murray, Romo is confident in his team's ability to make a deep postseason run. And apparently, he's not going to back down from his comments now that we're inching closer to the start of the NFL season.

Last night, Romo invited about 200 people—mostly Dallas fans—to a lounge inside Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas in order to pick up a free drink and an autographed Romo poster. He did it after a fantasy football event that he was supposed to host was canceled by the NFL. And while Romo himself couldn't be there to meet and greet the fans, he did FaceTime with them for about a minute at one point during the event. He thanked them for coming and, before hanging up, he doubled down on his Super Bowl or bust mentality.

"Go Cowboys," he said, "and I'll see you guys at the Super Bowl."

Jerry Jones seemed to cringe the first time Romo did this. Think he's cringing again? Watch the video above to see Romo FaceTiming with the fans.

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