Ah, another year, another Super Bowl guarantee from a member of the Dallas CowboysJerry Jones gave his guarantee in 2013 (it didn't work out), and talked big again in 2014 (no Lombardi Trophy that year either). This season, however, in the fresh new year of 2015, Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo is stepping in for ol' Jerr-Bear to deliver a batch of false Cowboys hope.

While in Dallas to receive the Nancy Lieberman Lifetime Achievement Award, Romo gave a 10-minute acceptance speech, according to the Dallas Morning News. He showed love for his teammates, coaches, and the Jones family, stating that his drive to win a Super Bowl comes from that core group of Cowboys personnel who've groomed him from unknown backup scrub to a 35-year-old millionaire Pro Bowler with a full Wikipedia page

"I want to win a championship so bad, but it’s just not about me," said Romo. "I literally want to win it so bad for them. For the people around me who have helped me. They’ve allowed me to achieve my dreams and my goals. Without them, I’m not there, I promise you."

Before closing his speech, Romo, perhaps believing that he could talk some sweet talk in a room full of Cowboys fans without any sort of recoil/media attention, slipped in a prediction: “It’s incredible and I really appreciate you, and we’re going to win a Super Bowl next year. Thank you.”

WOOOOOOOO, you're the man Tony! Who wants to get "Cowboys Super Bowl 50 Champs" tatted on their arm? 

.@donaldglover aka Childish Gambino weighs in on the recent Cowboys Super Bowl champs fan tattoo: pic.twitter.com/v7oTXWfoTX

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Never mind. 

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[via The Dallas Morning News