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It has been more than six months since Tom Brady was accused of playing a role in Deflategate. Let us repeat that: IT HAS BEEN MORE THAN SIX MONTHS SINCE TOM BRADY WAS ACCUSED OF PLAYING A ROLE IN DEFLATEGATE. Yet, the NFL still hasn't decided exactly what penalty Brady is going to face during the upcoming season. They originally handed him a four-game suspension, but Brady appealed their ruling and, well, now we're all just waiting to see what happens next.

In the meantime, it sounds as though the NFL Players Association has been working diligently to try and get Brady out of serving a suspension. According to a new ESPN report, the NFLPA sent the NFL a settlement offer on behalf of Brady last week, indicating that he would be willing to pay a fine instead of serving a suspension. The NFL's response? "Silence," according to a source who spoke with ESPN.

At this point, this isn't going to end well. Either Brady is going to get off with no suspension and we're all going to wonder why we spent the last six months debating the importance of Deflategate, or Brady is going to get suspended and file some sort of lawsuit against the league, which will just drag this whole ordeal on for even longer. Please—please, please, pleeeeeeeease!—just make it stop. Someone give us an answer!

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