When Steelers running back DeAngelo Williams showed up at training camp over the weekend, he had his toes painted pink. Bright pink. And he didn't hide them, either. He spent the last few days walking around with sandals on his feet, proudly displaying his toes for all to see.

It seems he's doing it for a really great reason, too. As he explained to ESPN reporter Josina Anderson today, Williams first started painting his toenails pink just before his mother died from breast cancer in May 2014. Since then, he has continued to paint his toes—and dye his hair—pink. And according to him, he's going to keep painting them pink to remind himself about how good he's got it, even during his darkest of days.

"I keep 'em painted pink now," he said, "and I wear sandals during training camp or during hard times or potential hard times so that when I drop my head and I look down and I'm feeling sorry for myself, I know that my mom and my aunts are looking over me and, like, it could be so much worse. I instantly get a smile on my face, pick my head up, and I go about my work."

Who's laughing at Williams' pink toes now? What a great story.

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